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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 99 (5.5.20)

Weekly Questions: Video 81-100 • 18m

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  • Video 98 (4/28/20)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 98
    1. I am receiving many phone calls from my clients wondering where their Stimulus check is. These clients always owe when we file their 1040. When we check on the IRS website with Get My Payment it almost always comes up with the dreaded Payment Status Not Avai...

  • Video 97 (4.17.20)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 97
    1. I am wondering if you have any thoughts as to how IRS code section 265 is going to apply to expenses that are used to qualify for loan forgiveness under the PPP program. Since those expenses are being identified as paid to convert the loan to a grant will thos...

  • Video 96 (4.14.20)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 96
    1. I am reviewing the Loan/Forgiveness calculator for the PPP loan that the bank provided. It states that the loan forgiveness is not taxable and it is also not an expense in the Client's books. Does this mean there is no income tax deduction for expenses paid wi...