Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 80: (12.17.19)

Weekly Questions: Video 61-80 • 28m

Up Next in Weekly Questions: Video 61-80

  • Video 79 (12.10.19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 79
    1. If a person receives a state refund and the person is limited to the $10,000 cap on Schedule A, can we not show this as income as he didn’t receive a tax benefit?
    2. If a client/client preparer did not file 8606 in prior years for roth contributions, is it OK ...

  • Video 78 (11.26.19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 78
    1. I remember you said we could classify employees in partnership. If S corp owner classify themselves to be manager and only provide health insurance to himself, is his insurance premium added to W2 subject to FICA taxes? Can we add the insurance premium to his ...

  • Video 77 (11.19.19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 77
    1. Have you prepared your Year End Client letter and will you be putting that in a newsletter?
    2. Have a new client who is a farmer. Five years ago, his attorney set up an LLC and his land was transferred into LLC. He and his wife are only members. I assume attor...