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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 76 ( 11.12.19)

Weekly Questions: Video 61-80 • 16m

Up Next in Weekly Questions: Video 61-80

  • Video 75: (10.29.19)

    1. S corporation owns two strip centers which are consistently at full occupancy (4-5 tenants each) and generate a profit. Husband/wife 100% owners manage all aspects of the property. There is no payroll and distributions of $100,000 are taken out annually. Question- is the S Corp requirement to ...

  • Video 74: (10.22.19)

    1. If you have an S-Corporation with losses in excess of income, can you still elect the amount of the loss that you want to take with the new TCJA rules?
    2. Please let me know how to treat Simple IRA set up for a minister. The plan is 100% funded by the Church, which is incorporated as a corpora...

  • Video 73: (10.08.19)

    1. One of my associates said that I don’t need to even enter investment expenses on a K-1 into the software anymore since it is not deductible. Is that right?
    2. Where do I get a copy of the Internal Revenue Code you are always talking about?
    3. Have there been any changes on the clergy housing c...