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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 74: (10.22.19)

Weekly Questions: Video 61-80 • 19m

Up Next in Weekly Questions: Video 61-80

  • Video 73: (10.08.19)

    1. One of my associates said that I don’t need to even enter investment expenses on a K-1 into the software anymore since it is not deductible. Is that right?
    2. Where do I get a copy of the Internal Revenue Code you are always talking about?
    3. Have there been any changes on the clergy housing c...

  • Video 72: (10/1/19)

    Questions for 10.01.2019 Q&A
    1. Efile keeps getting rejected because dependent’s SSN was already used by the college kid dependent who did their own return. What Now?

    2. How do I notify IRS of an address change and does it need to be done before efiling?

    3. Can my client get a refund while I am...

  • Video 71: 9.17.19

    caTalking with TaxSpeaker: Video 71
    1. Is there a procedure to revoke an S-Corporation election back to the inception date that was inadvertently elected?
    I am not aware of anything allowing a retroactive termination of an S election other than a PLR. A prospective termination may be made at any ...