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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 70: 09.10.19

Weekly Questions: Video 61-80 • 8m 50s

Up Next in Weekly Questions: Video 61-80

  • Video 69: 9.3.19

    1. With all of the changes that continue to occur on health insurance I am unsure about whether there is a penalty in 2019 for not having health insurance. Can you summarize what my clients have to worry about for health insurance this year?

    2. My insurance guy told one of my clients that his co...

  • Video 68: 8.27.19

    1. What are you telling individuals who rent out farm ground for cash only and do not meet the safe harbor?
    2. Can you ask Bob if he gives or can recommend a course to bring us up to speed on the R&D credit? I am running into this issue more and more and don’t feel comfortable with the knowledge...

  • Video 67: 8.20.19

    1. When amending a personal tax return's filing status from MFJ to MFS, is the deadline the original due date or the extended due date?
    2. I am stumped. We use UltraTax. I have a tax return. Schedule C income of $16,652 and schedule E income from an LLC for rental real estate of $42,516. AGI i...