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Weekly Questions: Video 61-80 • 26m

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  • Video 65: (8.5.19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 65
    1. An LLC Partnership is owned ½ by a Trust and ½ by an individual. The individual has died, and his daughter is sole heir to the Trust assets and the Estate assets (not a 706 Estate). So, until settled, it appears the Trust & Estate are the LLC partners. Would ...

  • Video 64: 7.30.19

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 64
    1. It’s an S-corp that was just recently sold as an asset sale. Since all assets are fully depreciated the sale is causing the owner a $300K gain. Right before the sale the owner paid off $300k worth of company’s debt and invested roughly another $200K in the co...

  • Video 63: 7.16.19

    1. When an LLC makes the election to be an S corporation how do we handle partner guaranteed payments?

    2. When an LLC wants to be taxed as an S corporation do we have to file the check the box form 8832 first?

    3. I have a client that is an LLC. It’s owners are 3 individuals and 1 other LLC....