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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 58 (6/3/19)

Weekly Questions: Video 41-60 • 17m

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  • Video 57 (5/21/19)

    1. I have a client who is a household employee for her grandchildren. The children are under age 18 but are not disabled and the parents are married and well which means she meets the exception for wages not required to be taxed SS and Medicare. My client was paid in ex...

  • Video 56 (5/14/19)
    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 56

    1. My annual software subscription is expiring next month. I was wondering if Bob still recommends Bit Defender and Bitlocker over Norton?
    2. I have an older client who build a house in 71, moved in 2006, and sold the house in 17. Ca...

  • Video 55: (4/30/19)
    1. New Tax law change-"Employee has to refund a signing bonus because they left employment early." Is that still a deductible item?
    2. This is mainly to get support for a battle I am having with a major bank trust company which is trustee of deceased fathers’ assets. Tr...