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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Video 49: (3/21/19)

Weekly Questions: Video 41-60 • 24m

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  • Video 48:(3/12/19)

    1. I have a question regarding a conversion from an S corp to a LLC partnership. We have a client who wants to do this to take advantage of the new QBI rules; can they keep the same Federal I D number. Are there any forms that need to be filed? It appears that Form ...

  • Video 47:(3/7/19)

    1. Any guidance for useful-life (depreciation) for resurfaced polished-concrete floors. In a hardware store, more than $100,000 cost.
    2. “A partnership providing consulting services has two SMLLC members. The owners of the SMLLCs provide consulting services to the...

  • Video 46: Miscellaneous (3/5/19)

    1. Minister does not have an accountable plan with the church, the church contributes money to pension and does not include this in his 1099. Should those contributions be taxable? Also, the minister contributes money to pension plan. Can he take the amount he puts ...