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Video 44: Miscellaneous (2/19/19)

Weekly Questions: Video 41-60 • 16m

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  • Video 43: Tech and QBI (2/12/19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 43
    1. What remote access software do you use to access clients computers?
    2. I heard Bob Jennings speack about Gruntworx at several seminars. I was curious how much time this has save your firm, and how this has worked out for you. My b...

  • Video 42: QBI with a little 1099-MIsc...

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 42
    1. A shareholder in a Sub S receives automobile expense reimbursements in a non-accountable arrangement reported on a 1099-Rent.Does that income qualify for QBI? Conversely, that shareholder has expenses related to the acquisition of his stock...

  • Video 50: (3/26/19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 50
    1. We are having a debate in our office. If a rental property clearly meets all the qualifications for the Rental Safe Harbor are they required to make the election? If it is required, it will reduce other qualified business income. The rental property is abou...