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Watch this video and more on Taxspeaker Questions Pro

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Up Next in Weekly Questions: Video 41-60

  • Video 60: HSA's (6/18/19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 60 HSA’s
    1. A client has a current HSA with their employer but they also have an HAS from a former employer that still has a balance in it… Can they merge the two or have to treat the two separately?
    2. Are eligible expenses plan specific or do we have clear cut g...

  • Video 49: (3/21/19)

    Talking with TaxSpeaker: Video 49
    1. I have received a 2018 Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) related to Oil & Gas Partnership, where Line 1 has Ordinary Business Loss in the amount of $8,024 while Line 20, code Z (Section 199A Qualified Business Losses amount is $29,871. Is this possible? Do I need to ...

  • Video 48:(3/12/19)

    1. I have a question regarding a conversion from an S corp to a LLC partnership. We have a client who wants to do this to take advantage of the new QBI rules; can they keep the same Federal I D number. Are there any forms that need to be filed? It appears that Form ...